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Entry for September 8, 2008
There's a lot going on this Fall!

I'm currently making two videos for YouTube. One if for the election, and another video for Confetti Cakes. They should both be up by the first of Oct.

Also in October, I'll be heading to FaerieCon again. Look for me this time in the Parrish Relics booth. I'll have goodies and clips from the TITANIA shoot too!

Also in September - "Sputter" is showing at Harvestworks downtown. This is the installation artist, Traci Talasco's, video I was in. It's very poignant and hilarious. Hope you'll stop in to see it.

I'm also planning screenings for "Nick and Nora" & TITANIA here in the city for November. And then a really unique live event for TITANIA in December.

I'll post again when I have solid dates, things are posted, and more news comes about.

2008-09-08 15:01:35 GMT
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