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Entry for June 26, 2008
My short film "The Silent Nick and Nora" will be screening at Vibe in London on July 6th at 2pm.  If you or any friends are in town - do come!  My co-star and producing partner, Diana DeLaCruz will be there to speak to the audience afterward. 


Best, Lisa



Click on films, then screenings.  Not sure if they've updated the screening calendar yet, it may still reflect June.  But check back daily for new info.


The Silent Nick and Nora is a magic realist film noir taking place in a city where women have acute senses of hearing and men are obsessive compulsives.  A city where everyone's identity is tatoo'd on their bodies, bodies who organs are stolen quickly, but feel the effects slowly. 


Angelica awakes one night to find her heart stolen - literally.  There is only one suspect, the infamous Heart Thief - recently escaped from State Prison.  As Angelica runs the streets trying to get her heart back before she dies, detectives Nick and Nora try to track the Heart Thief down before he strikes again.


Whose lonely heart will be next?  What weary marriage will he target? 


The Silent Nick and Nora screens July 6th, 2008. 


2008-06-26 11:30:09 GMT
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