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Entry for May 29, 2008
All kinds of stuff!
-Just got back from WISCON where I sat on several fascinating panels and met some really wonderful artists and writers.
-Prior to the conference I stopped in Chicago to visit Connie and her husband and cats. We shot all day in the attic of her 1920's bungalow home on a new project tentatively called "Fade". You can see a teaser trailer here:
-And while I was gone the cake video I did for my friend Elisa Strauss received over 580,000 hits on YouTube in just two weeks!! (
-I've created a few new centers of focus for The Medisaga. The Myspace page is now (almost) entirely Medisaga. And on Facebook we have a new group - The Medisaga Film Trilogy - so do come find us!
- Picture above is from "Fade"
- June 12th is the TITANIA party. If you'd like to come be sure to check out the Medisaga Events page!
2008-05-29 20:02:30 GMT
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