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Entry for May 17, 2008

I'm off to WISCON this coming week with the Cobweb Forest.

If you're attending be sure to stop by our art table and say "Hello". We'll be showing various film clips of our work. I'll also be at the IAF gathering Sunday morning and contributing to the bake sale. I'm so looking forward to meeting many I just know over the internet, and sitting in on fascinating panels and lectures!

At our table I'll have a dvd available of various collaborations with Connie  - The Cliff, The Wild Hunt, The Painted Ghost, (films I've used her images in) The House of Voluntary Bondage, Pandora's Box, and I've put the Cobweb Forest on there as well. I'll also have a dvd compilation of some of my short films: Scheherazade, Snow Queen, and a three minute preview of my mermaid film.  As well as a completed A: The Siren's Edda, and new clips from TITANIA!

~ Lisa

2008-05-17 12:13:56 GMT
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