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Entry for October 12, 2007
Hello from Philadelphia!

This is a very pretty city with artwork everywhere - streets, shop windows, and on overpasses.  There are a lot of buildings with Greek Columns.  The train station is gorgeous and the accoustics are amazing!  They don't even need a pa system to announce trains. 

Today was set-up and vendor preview of the FaerieCon event.  I met a lot of nice people, some I had only corresponded with via the internet, and we're having a lot of fun.  (Except that my hotel seems to be charging me 32% hotel tax!  Need to try and straighten that out first thing in the morning - so much for seeing the Liberty Bell...) 

The booths at FaerieCon are STUNNING!  For the most part its like you've walked into a forest or King Solomon's Mines.  I'll take pics tomorrow.  They all have names like "Glittering Glen" and "Feywood".  The Feywood woman carves figures out wood using the natural shape it already had.  I want to take a lot of pics, but you have to ask permission first, as this is a show of artists who are protective of their work.  And there is no video-taping.  Darn!  And - as it states in the program - there are two things that could warrent having your vendor badge confiscated: running in the convention hall, and brandishing, wielding, pointing, waving or aiming your "replica weapon" at anyone.  Really - it says that.

The attire - yes.  Is the best thing about the show.  (see below)  I've seen everything from guys walking around in normal clothes but wearing fox tails, to a man wearing a turquoise hat with a brim at least two feet wide, to all kinds of faeries.  Wings wings and more wings.  And the little girls in their frilly skirts and wings are cuter than you can imagine.  If I can just get one of them to stop twirling in place long enough to get a photo...

I was delighted to meet my friend Delia Sherman (in person).  She's the author of "The Changeling".  And there have been several musical performances and lectures (one on the mythological roots of Robin Hood).  And I caught a glimpse of the delightful Brian Froud, but haven't had a chance to say Hello - yet.  I also met another internet friend, Jenn Parrish.  We're fast friends and I've enjoyed meeting everyone she knows from years of doing festivals.  She makes beautiful jewlery using images of Pre-Raphalite paintings.

That's it for now.  I've been up since 4:30am and need to get some sleep before tomorrow when we open to the public.

Good night and I'll report again after the Bad Faeries Ball tomorrow!

:)  Lisa

2007-10-13 02:56:52 GMT
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hi! i found your blog randomly by tyoing in "faeriecon pics" into a search engine. that photo you have posted (sunflower fairy) is me! :) wheee!
2007-10-17 16:37:49 GMT
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