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Entry for September 12, 2007
So much has happened since I last posted and I'll try to be better about writing it all down from now on. Do you ever feel bogged down by lists and journals and blogs? I have two blogs, one journal at home, and lists of things to do, to get, to find out on every scrap of paper in between!

But the important news is - I have been very busy this summer on several producitons: The Silent Nick and Nora is in the can, as they say. And I've started editing. I wrote this script in 2004 for me, Diana and Ben and it has finally come to life! The Medisaga (well, pt. 1 "Titania") has begun pre-produciton in earnest, I've shot and edited Intros and we'll be heading to FaerieCon in Oct to promote production. I finished shooting the Snow Queen film odyssey and will edit that soon, along with Hessian Rider. And to explain the pictures above - the folks at my day job often enlist my cake decorating skills for their meetings and video shoots. I once baked a batch of cookies with the client's logo all over them, and this morning I wrote a clients slogan on two hot dogs at a stand in front of Radio City Music Hall for a video shoot!

It's been a summer of changes and shifts in my world and the world at large. My beloved friend, Stephanie, still klings to life. I know she will be gone from us soon - but her remarkable spirit and inspiration will always remain with me. And I do look forward to Fall now and all that it will bring. Hope you'll stay tuned!

:) Lisa
2007-09-12 17:50:55 GMT
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