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"Into the Belly of the Wolf"
"Into the Belly of the Wolf"

Trees howl.

The wind shakes.

After all he is a wolf.

Why should he expect finer harbors than these?

Sweeter sounds?  Sharper teeth?

The beast that's loved has more than he.

Love eludes him, Beauty betrays.

Once though, more than once, he believed her, loved her,

followed her into a forest.

Over and over, she appears between the trunks, an image

flickering on a screen.

Then losing her -


Forgotten for another,

recedes into shadow, the villain of a story, and forgotten

by all.

And so he decides to accept it and hide as deep as he can go.  There is no one when he seeks and finds a damp hole to burrow in and forget about it.  Which is impossible.  But he pretends to himself that there is nothing to remember and gives away to no one that he has a wound to hide.  He walks the earth and swims the seas as if nothing is marking him.  His stomach is empty.  And one day he will be far enough away and free from its pain and temptations, his cravings and memories.  He will find all that independent of his past without having to open his flesh again.

But his footsteps make deep impressions in the sand.

They weave around in great circles of indecision.

The sun reclaims the sky from another storm.

He walks away from it too.

Walks toward the Quarter,

Toward his home,

His hearth.

Following his footsteps

Retracing his path

And opening the wound again

To love.

How dark it is inside the wolf.

How lonely devotion finds him

Filling bottles with blood,

Oceans with tears,

And leaving him no other gift but a scar

To remind him of his destiny.

(Appears as CHAPTER 8 in "The Sun" - )

2007-01-12 15:50:53 GMT
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