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Prologue to "Miss Watson and Jophiel"
The Great Escape

The balloon was her best escape

Because it took her up

Over the rooftops,

And through the protective

Blue light of the Moon.

She was fleeing Lady Anxiety and

Her sister Responsibility,

And just for one day

She wanted not to have a care.

In the world.

But to cast her haunts

Upon the clouds

And watch them drift away.

While down below the lights

On the river boats winked

Enticing her to swim.

And church spires

Reached to the sky

Catching her in their hymns.

But she slipped from them all

And sailed into a distant time

Where sands dripped new

Into the deserts,

And queens crossed oceans

On faith alone,

And explorer's wives

Took steps of their own,

Before the chariot of Dawn.

"If I could do the same,"

She thought,

"All my world would Open.

And the Furies would disappear."

But for now, she soared on

And slept deeply and dreamt soundly.

From within the comfort of her escape.

To Be Continued…

2007-01-03 15:32:58 GMT
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Beautiful. And somehow timely...Thanks for that Lisa.

2007-01-03 16:04:03 GMT
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