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Happy New Year!

In 2007 I'll be publishing my short stories here on the blog.  They'll probably come in installments if too long for one entry, but I hope you will check back regularly and enjoy what you read. 

Here are a few of the forthcoming titles:

The Mermaid's Tale; Miss Watson and Jophiel; Marie Antoinette and the Ring; and more...

I'll also do my best to keep you posted on all the craziness and good times I see with the film projects I have coming up.  In April the "Film Odysseys" (12 shorts) go up, in May I'll be in "The Man Who Loved Flowers" adapted from the Stephen King short story, and production on "The Medisaga" (3 features) begins this summer and will carry me the rest of the way through the year. 

And the "Cobweb Forest" will get deeper and deeper into its journey. 

Hope you will join me for all of it.  May the new year be your best yet!


2006-12-31 21:25:37 GMT
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