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Entry for May 10, 2009
My short film "The Silent Nick and Nora: Tale of the Heart Thief" will be playing (out of competition) at the Cannes Film Festival from May 13-22.  If you go - let us know how it was because, sadly, we won't be there...  The film screened last summer in London (we were there), and will make its stateside premiere this summer in NYC (we'll be there too). 

Check out our NEW website at: 

The Silent Nick and Nora is a magic realist film noir that reimagines detectives Nick and Nora Charles (The Thin Man Series) in a world of tattoos, compulsions, and crimes of the heart.  One night in the life of a city.  A city where women have accute senses of hearing and the men are obessive compulsives.  A city where body organs are stolen quickly yet the bodies feel the effects slowly....  more on the website...
2009-05-10 23:34:00 GMT
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