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The main purpose of WITCH is for you to use your imagination.

And to tell you a story - but not in the traditional sense. You will be presented with
information, vignettes and ideas - some things are obscured, proportions played with,
details unexplained.

And that's where you, the viewer, the villager, come in...

You fill in the blanks. Who is she? What is she doing? Who are you? And how is she
judging you? How do you feel about her? There's no right or wrong. Some of you may
bring a myth or fairy tale into this, or maybe a personal experience, or maybe Hellboy or
Moby Dick - it doesn't matter. The story is all yours. I'm asking you to use your
imagination and create your own tale.

Maybe you'll watch it a few times and each cycle tells a different story.
I certainly hope so! Let your mind wander, embrace the previous notions you've had about
"witches" then break them, get crazy. Then watch it again...

If you're ready - turn up your sound, x out of here, and enter the village.