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"I do think that Lisa's work delves into the questions of what fairy tales can tell us as
women's tales more deeply than nearly any other contemporary artist that I know about - so
I'm grateful to be along for the journey."
- Daniel Fusch, Editor, Dante's Heart Journal of Myth
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"Carefully selected locations, accomplished actors, experienced crew and brilliant
stories all bloom in the hands of this visionary and extremely talented woman, who
puts her heart and soul into each project: A skillful alchemist at work."
  - Be Montague, Faerie Magazine
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"Stock's projects make sense of the world mythically, incorporating...the magic real to bridge
gaps that resist logical and linear understanding, making sense of elements that can't be
    -Laura Marjorie Miller, Parabola Magazine
Photo - "Yvaine at the Wall" -with Heather Witherill as Yvaine.