This "doll cake" took me six hours for a party.  It's based on a painting of Princess Elizabeth (QE 1).
I made this cake for friends who were going to India for 3 months.
(shortly after this I bought a cake leveler...)
I made this mythic cake for a friend's wedding.  The groom has a Commedia dell'Arte theater company, and she is a
mythic artist and writer (the little girl on top is based on one of her paintings).  The quote on top is from Shakespeare,
and was also written on her wedding scarf.
Ok here - I was doing some "food
styling" for a video shoot.  I had to
write "Leading the Way" on two hot
dogs for a client.  
The Bride of Frankenstein, or as I like to call her Lady Frankenstein - for a Halloween
party 2007.  Click
HERE to see the video of her creation.
New York City Cake Decorators:
Here's a cake I made for the Interstitial Arts Foundation.  

Interstitial art is the art that falls into many categories, or can't be categorized, or mostly finds itself in
between labels.  So I made a cake with a rift or crack and flowers growing up from within.  The writing
Interstitial art grows up from the "in between" and makes beautiful the world.
I made this cake to look like an old
postcard from Paris for an 80th
birthday party.  The guest of honor
collected vintage photographs of Paris.

Only my second free hand frosting
Eiffel Tower...getting better...
Made this for a friend's birthday recently.  Thought the color was so pretty!
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